Tanzschritte Beschreibung           
 Linedance Etikette
BLAU = Catalan          ROT = andere Tänze


    1929 Catalan   1 & 1  8 Ball  16 Bars 

A Girl to Remember   Askin Questions  Alive   ANYWAY     A 1     A Bombon

    A Womans Love  Anything for Love  AVE SAU Andalouse  Alfredos BBQ 

    American Kids  from A to Z  A Little to Late   Already Gone  Arizona Rocks

B Bayoo     Black Cadillac   Bayou Girl    Blazon Stone  Be My Baby Now 

    Blanket On The Ground  Bremer  Back on Track Buffalo Road

   Blue Kentucky Highway

    Black Coffee  Boot Scootin Boogie  Bloody Mary Breaking Horses

C Chasing Girls    Chill Factor   Cool in my Boots   Crazy People 

    Country2Step   Cut A Rug  CHIPS DIP City Lights  Country Surf

   Cowboy Astle  Clickety Clack     Cowboy Dreams  Crazy Clear Sky

   Country As Can Be  Corn Don't Grow  Cost Me  Country Smile


Driven    Drinks On Me   Deadwood  Dillo  Down by the River 

    Down the road  Daniela Drinkin Buddies Detroit Down DIXIE

    Duty Free

E Electric Slide Except for Monday  Easy Way EL PASO

Family    Fearless Moms   For Neige  Freedom Road deutsch    

    Fall in Love   Foot Boogie   FLY HIGH   Freedom Road english  Faster

   For my Baby Fire & Lace FRENCH KISS  FINE  Fight the Fool Fool's Gold

  G Girls gone Wild  Girls love to shake    Good Riddance   Get Ready   

    Get your Feet down  Gift to you  Good Day To Run  Great Gamble  

    Good Start GoCatGo Galway Girl  G.O.M.M. Go Crazy GOT NO GUTS


Hallelujah  Hey Pops   Hurry up Slow down    Hippie & Cowboy

   Here For A Good Time   Harlem Blues  Hearts & Flowers  Heartbreak

   HOLD Heaven on Earth Headin West Hey Ho High & Low

Infinity  I LIKE YOU  Irish Stew  It's alright  It's America  I Saw the Light

  Italian Linedance I Got You

J Just a Minute  JR Jamaican Run JULIAN

Kick an Turn Keep Cool  Kiss & Make Up

Less Travelled   Little white Church   Lunam  Lost in me 

    LIKE-A-MEMORY  Love Trick  Love Hurts Little Town 

    Long Pride  Last Summer Little Tiago  Loveline

    Laia & Sweet  LALALI

Magazine    MIMI my blue Jeans    My Maria Two Step Partner 

     My own Sunshine   M & D     Mestei 

Nitro  Need You  Nice Days

Oregon  Open Heart Cowboy  Old River Ole Time Cowboys 

      Only You OLD 22 

P3   Phoenix   Please  Party Crowd Picnic Polka POWER

     Pick a Bale Peter Pan Pizza & Beer

R  River Run  Raggle Taggle Gipsy O   Rosegarden Reet Petite 

    Recto Verso Rolling Again Red Mountain RISER  Recreation Land

    Ride with Me

Q Quickly

Sheriff on Fire   Side of Love    Socks and Diapers    Sweet Caroline   

   Sweet Goodbye   Shotgun House   Sweet Dance   Strangers

   Settle Down Smoky Bar Smile of Mine

   Shame & Scandal in the Family   Suds ín the Bucket    Stomp  

   Stop and Cafe   Sunbeam SWEET LOVING Smile of Mine STEP BY LOVE

  Superheroes Stronger than You

T Take your Time   Thanks to you   The Blarney Roses   The Right Road   

   The Storm   Two Boys The Belle of Liverpool  The Gambler  Telepathy

   The Trail  Trespassing  Timebomb Two Babies  Tag on  Train of Dreams

  TO BE SAVED   This & That  The KIng  To Las Vegas  To Be Contiued

  Today & Tomorrow  T L C P D F D  Thunder Road Time to Dance

U Under Love


W Walking Backwards   Wish You    Whats Up   Where I Belong 

     White Rose Workaholic Workout

Y  Yaboy   You Get It   Yellostone Road You ain't Dolly YOU & ME

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